Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed down a few of the questions that you may have about Bitcoin & Altcoins, its use, about registration, buying or selling of Altcoins and others. We have taken all measures to answer all possible questions. However, if you do not find your questions listed down here then please, write to us at

What are Bitcoin & Altcoins?

Altcoins are cryptocurrencies, a much more innovative payment network with no central authority governing the protocol. It is open-source and anyone can take part in it's buy and sell process.

What is the advantage of buying Bitcoin & Altcoins? Why should I buy Bitcoin & Altcoins?

Bitcoin & Altcoins is now one of the most popular and sought after cryptocurrencies across the globe. Our users can use Alt coins as cryptocurrency or as money, can use it anywhere in the world. There has also been an unprecedented surge in prices of cryptocurrencies ever since Bitcoin & Altcoins appeared in the crypto market scene. An Bitcoin & Altcoins , given its performance in the recent times, is also being called the Virtual gold. cryptocurrencies share a market cap of more than 100 billion USD.

What does CforCoins do?

Wallets - We offer the world’s most widely used wallet for digital currencies. We build iOS, Android wallets for millions of Bitcoin & Altcoins enthusiasts. Our wallets make it simple and easy for anyone in the world to securely send, receive, and manage their alt coins and Bitcoin. Our wallet is a software wallet that provides infrastructure to empower our users to be their own bank. We don’t hold users funds, or have access to them.

How can I buy and sell Bitcoin & Altcoins through ‘C’ for coins?

CforCoins allows Bitcoin & Altcoins Users across India to seamlessly buy and sell Bitcoin & Altcoins and brings Bitcoin & Altcoins to every users finger tips. If you want to transact in Bitcoin & Altcoins, please register with us using Mobile number. The mobile number will be verified with an OTP (One Time Password) Once the mobile number is verified Upload all of the required KYC documents. You will have to submit your PAN Card, Bank Account, Address Proof(Aadhaar card). Your verification process will be finished easily and then you can start transacting in crypto-currencies using CforCoins.

I am trying to upload my proof of address, copy of pan card and other data to CforCoins App but I am unable to get through, what should I do?

Please, check the file size of the documents or images you are going to upload to the CforCoins App. The size of the attachment should not be larger than 10MB. You will not be able to upload files if they exceed the 10 MB limit. Please, only use the following formats: JPG, PNG etc.

Is Pan Card necessary? I haven’t got my Pan Card? Can I still take part in buying and selling process through CforCoins?

We are sorry; you won’t be able to register with us without PAN card because Pan Card is mandatory for all transactions as per the govt of India Regulations. This is as per AML regulations and practices and it is meant solely to protect our users from illegal activities.

Is the data I submit verified just once or re-verified from time-to-time?

All the verification is done time - to - time. We may request you to re-submit your data - proof of address (Aadhaar card), pan card copy etc, or we would really appreciate if you acknowledge helping us understand the validity of the information you have submitted initially

How can I retrieve my passcode?

If you have forgotten your passcode or lost it, then you need to contact support We will Request you to send all the necessary details to reset your passcode. After verification of the details Passcode reset notification will be sent to the registered mobile number. If you do not have access to Mobile number registered with us then you will have to verify your KYC details through our Customer support.

I have entered wrong bank account details /what should I do now?

Please, send us an email to . One of our support executives will guide you and will resolve the problem facing you.

Can I deposit INR using my other bank account?

Sorry, as of now we do not have any such option. You will have to deposit INR into you e- wallet using the bank account you have given at the time of registering with CforCoins.


Your account is secure and is linked with your mobile number registered with us. You will enter the six digit passcode to log into your account. So, this means, no one can log into your account. But, please, change your passcode if it is stolen or known to others.

I lost my mobile phone what should I do?

Please don’t panic, your account is safe. To access your account please call our support team, they will help you to get back on, after verifying your details. How can I receive notifications from CforCoins about my account activity? You can opt to receive notifications from us conveniently via SMS or E-Mail. Please contact us for more information on buying and selling activities.

How soon can I see Bitcoin & Altcoins deposited into account once I buy them?

see the status under the section “Transactions” but you will not be able to sell or send these Bitcoin & Altcoins to others until or unless you receive final confirmation of Bitcoin & Altcoins being deposited.

Can any CforCoins user have multiple Bitcoin & Altcoins deposit addresses?

Currently, CforCoins users have only one verified address however if you wish to have multiple addresses then you can contact our support team for assistance.

Can I send Bitcoin & Altcoins as a gift to any of my friends through CforCoins?

Yes you can do this. Please go to section “Send / Receive Bitcoin & Altcoins.” You can fill out the details, like email address, phone number, mailing address of the recipient and click on Send.

My friend doesn’t know about Bitcoin & Altcoins, can he/she receive Bitcoin & Altcoins if I send him/her through CforCoins?

Yes, he/she can receive the Bitcoin & Altcoins sent through CforCoins by you. The recipients will receive an email (you will enter email address of the recipient at the time of sending the Altcoins) along with the information about Bitcoin & Altcoins. The recipient will have to click on the given link to accept the Altcoins. The link will take the recipient to our website and there he / she will have to register in order to accept the Altcoins sent by you. If the recipient does not claim Altcoins within 7 days then your Altcoins return to your account. You will also get confirmation about the same.

How are Bitcoin & Altcoins prices determined?

The price for Bitcoin & Altcoins is determined on the basis of Global exchange rate. The factors that might affect the prices of Altcoins include but not just limited to currency conversion (USD into INR), market trends, demand & supply of Bitcoin & Altcoins . It is often more than international exchange because in India it is limited.

Can you tell me more about the free structure to buy and sell Bitcoin & Altcoins through CforCoins?

Please, refer to this page: Fee Structure

I have deposited amount so, when can I expect it to appear in my INR wallet?

It may take 3-4 working hours to appear in your INR wallet. But, sometimes, it may take 24 hours or more than that too (for instance, if you have deposited on Saturday evening then you can see amount in your INR wallet on Monday).

Can I get email / sms confirmation once deposit is completed?

Yes, you will receive email notification / sms confirming or showing the status of the deposit.

How can I buy Bitcoin & Altcoins using CforCoins?

First, you should have some balance amount in your INR wallet. If you do not have the amount then please, proceed to deposit the amount. Once, you have required amount, you can buy the Bitcoin & Altcoins. Bitcoin & Altcoins you buy through CforCoins will get reflected in your account once the Buy orders are approved.

Are there any limits on buying and selling Bitcoin & Altcoins through CforCoins?

Please refer to our Daily and Monthly limts on this page: Deposit & Withdrawal Limits

How much time will it take to get payment after selling Bitcoin & Altcoins?

Within 1 working day , you can expect to get the payment for the Bitcoin & Altcoins you have sold through CforCoins. Often, payments are transferred through NEFT / RTGS. But very less often, it might take more than the mentioned time if the transaction dates fall on national holidays.