Our intuitive CforCoins app makes trading simpler than ever before. From buying and selling cryptocurrency to withdrawing money and tracking your trades, our seamlessly designed app can do it all.


The homepage of our app is your one-stop destination to managing your crypto trades. You can now track the rates of various cryptocurrencies, generate real-time reports on profit and loss, buy and sell your holdings, set price alerts, and access our app’s various features right from the homepage.


CforCoins’ wallet allows you to send and receive Bitcoin as well as other Altcoins without a hassle. To send Bitcoin or other Altcoins through our wallet, all you have to do is enter the receiver's address and the amount to send. Alternatively, you can also scan the receiver’s unique QR code for sending cryptocurrency. For receiving, you can either display your scan code or share your unique BTC address.


The account section allows you to check your balance and withdraw as well as deposit money into your wallet. We support all leading UPI payment apps, digital wallets, netbanking, and debit/credit cards.


CforCoins is your one-stop-shop for all crypto trading needs. Our app’s menu allows you to access rate charts, transaction history, ticket history, buy/sell history, your bank details, helpdesk, and settings.